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About the Practitioner

Amanda L. Horst, LMT


In 1994 Amanda began the journey of a healer with the study of herbs. It has been a decades long love affair. She continued her magickal education by studying Reiki under Dr. Bill Harth, Dr. Linda Rosenthal and Diane Stallard; receiving her master attunement in 2008. She pursued a certification in alternative and complimentary medicine (focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Bodywork healing therapies) earlier that year as well as enrolling for a PhD in Metaphysics (Polarity Therapy, Taoist Healing Arts, Vibrational Healing, Herbs and Natural Medicines, Meditation Skills, Pranyama, Herbs, A Spiritual Approach, Alters and Sacred Spaces). In 2014 she realized another dream by graduating from IntelliTec College with a certificate of Massage Therapy (Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot/Cold stone, Pregnancy, Sports, Trigger Point therapy, Polarity therapy, MET/stretching techniques, reflexology and more!). 2019, she is currently certifying as a Master Herbalist and a yogi. A licensed therapist who continues her education everyday, now certified in Table Thai Yoga Massage, aromatherapy, and Thai shoulder release techniques.


Amanda believes that your body is perfect, she's just a facilitator to you finding your perfection. She believes that your body, mind and spirit are one and when they are opperating as such, they function with the highest of harmonies. Let her help you find your perfection~your highest good~schedule today!




 "Bodywork is meditation, and I love bringing people into that space."               ---Amanda Horst