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This page is devoted to making your body, mind and soul feel good, and will be updated every couple of weeks with music, meditations and  general better ways of living. 


 May and June Lunar and Solar Traditions and noteworthy days~

5/22/2020 New Moon

5/25/2020 Memorial Day

6/5/2020 Full Moon

6/20/2020 Litha/Summer Solstice

6/21/2020 Father's day












For amazing blends of herbs and love, warming your spirit and body

Check out Willow Creek in Grand Junction


Looking for something sweeter than Chai but not as intense as Thai Iced Tea? Try the Iced Asian at Octopus coffee on Horizon Drive.



and for other lunar traditionals and lore (not to mention a great aromatherapy and crystal collection!) My favorite place in Denver:




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